Data is Everywhere

Data scientists tell you about all the data you have at your fingertips.
But how can you use it to impact ROI?

Some Economists tell you the economy is weak. Others offer conflicting views.
Who should you believe?

Futurists help you imagine technology that could transform your company...decades down the road.
How does that help you make decisions about nearer-term strategy?


At the crossroads of strategy, economics and
futuretech is Strategecon.
Tell us your challenge. We can help.

What we do

Data Interpretation

The Internet of Things was enabled by two breakthroughs. First, the shrinking cost of sensors used to collect data. Second, the advent of the cloud, a place to store and crunch data. The sheer amount of the data collected is staggering, and making sense of it an even bigger challenge. Strategecon can help.

Economic Strategy

Strategecon advises companies on how the macro economic environment will impact their business. We provide an assessment of economic issues in layman's terms, forecasting business impact. Reports are targeted toward leaders seeking an economic assessment translated into actionable strategies.

The Near Future

Financial teams are focused on the current quarter. Visionaries  are thinking about technologies that may not impact the company until current leaders have moved on. Who is focused on that space between - the Near Future? Strategecon looks at new technologies and trends that are just coming to market and advises clients on when and if they need to act.

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