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What we believe

  • Data is the new currency. The Big Data Age has quickly swept through several stages of growth. First, executives had to understand that Big Data was available to them, then they had to learn how to get it. Now that they can access it, they are beginning to learn how to put it to work. Company's don't just need data scientists. They need data interpreters who can find ways to put data to work to positively impact the company's bottom line.
  • Organizations dedicate an endless amount of human and capital resources to short term reporting. They also follow the guidance of futurists who advise them to invest in technologies that will not impact the firms' performance for decades to come. There are not enough resources dedicated to focusing on that space between - the Near Future.
  • Economic study can drive a company to success and increase knowledge, but sources of economic advice must be vetted carefully. Being too optimistic or pessimistic usually does not prove out to be an accurate way of forecasting economic trends. A pragmatic, centrist view is the most effective way to ensure economic speed bumps do not derail strategic plans.

What we do

Advise business leaders on how to make sense of the reams of data that are now available.

Advise business leaders on how to understand economic trends and their impact on business strategy and performance.

Advise business leaders on how to sift through the noise and decide which future technology trends will require a strategy shift during their tenure.

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John Paul (JP) Soltesz



John Paul “JP” Soltesz spent 10 years at GE, most recently as a member of the Global Market Intelligence team where he served as an adviser to GE leadership.  As an economic strategist, data interpreter and futurist, JP provided consultation and strategic insight to internal stakeholders and at customer events.

JP has created thought leadership on topics including Innovation, Technology, and Public Policy.  He has presented his insights on the correction in global oil prices, the Industrial Internet of Things, Advanced Manufacturing and AI at major industry events across the globe. JP has lectured to business leaders and customers at GE’s Crotonville Leadership Program. As part of a partnership with JingLiUS, JP delivers the message of new technology and advanced manufacturing techniques to visiting executives from China.

JP has authored several white papers and blogs, including the impact Advanced Manufacturing will have on the global economy and workforce, and the impact the next recession will have on the Gig Economy, of which he is now proudly a member.

JP had a front row seat to the Global Financial Crisis while at GE Capital Real Estate, working primarily with the Global Investment Management team.

Leading up to his GE career, JP spent 3 years at MarketLauncher, Inc. a B-to-B lead generation firm, managing accounts in a variety of industries, including technology, engineering/architecture, health care, banking and corporate training.  He also spent 10 years in Market Research and Sales Development in the broadcast and print media.

JP holds an MBA in Marketing from Crummer School of Business at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida and a BA in Advertising/PR from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

When he's not reading up on the latest tech and economic trends, JP coaches his two son's baseball and basketball teams.

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